Collection: Cecile Paquet - Burgundy


Winery - Cecile Paquet

Region -  Burgundy

Farming - Organic (certified)

A precise story of Organics

Cecile spent 20 years of her professional career as a horticulturalist in the family vine nursery in southern Burgundy. Eventually she decided to concentrate her expertise solely to growing vines and making her own wine. The vineyards as concentrated in the northern Maconnais with the Chardonnay vines averaging 35 years old and the Pinot vines around 10 years. As one would expect from a horticulturalist, Cecile is fastidious in the vineyard with the ultimate care and attention given to organic practises. In the winery she uses indigenous yeast with a spontaneous fermentation and minimal oak use in the winemaking. The wines are
truly impressive showing a real sense of terroir and freshness. 

Cecile Paquet winemaker

Cecile Paquet Wine Collection