Artisanal Wine Importer

Ealing Wine Cellars (EWC) is an independently owned UK specialist wine importer. Established in 2022, our wine agency is based in leafy Ealing, London. EWC is committed to introducing the UK to a noteworthy portfolio of European and ever-evolving wines made by producers who care.

We specialise in partnering with remarkably skilled winemakers whose commitment to their land and vineyards guarantees a dynamic and vibrant wine portfolio. Our role is to deliver these unique wines to the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants, cosy wine bars, independent wine shops and enthusiasts who aspire to discover exceptional wines.

Beyond the vibrant offerings of current vintages, EWC delves into the nuanced world of aged fine wines. By sourcing small parcels from hidden cellars, EWC enriches its collection with wines that offer depth and maturity, further elevating the diversity of its offerings.

Introducing Caroline Brangé, Ealing Wine Cellars Founder

EWC is the brainchild of French-born Caroline Brangé, whose career in the wine industry spans from her early days as a humble Commis Sommelier at the Ledbury to her influential role as Head of Trade Sales for UK wine importers. 

Becoming a UK specialist importer, her wine agency is the fruit of more than a decade's experience, passion and insight in the wine industry. In 2022, Caroline decided to put her business degree to good use and founded EWC.

Caroline's journey, enriched by encounters with iconic wine growers and makers in the field, has instilled a deep understanding of the essence of exceptional viticulture and winemaking. This profound knowledge has enabled Caroline to curate a portfolio of wines that are narratives of their origin.

  • “To me, the essence of an exceptional wine lies in the vision of the winemakers and their understanding of their vines and vineyards. The concept of terroir is essential and produces the best wines in the hands of passionate winemakers – this is what we showcase at EWC.”

    Caroline Brangé
    EWC Founder

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Selling Wine To A Diverse London Clientele

EWC's clientele is as varied as its wine selection. Embracing inclusivity, the company welcomes wine enthusiasts of all types, whether you're a restaurateur looking to enhance your wine list or a seasoned wine collector searching for the next unicorn producer. EWC's distribution network encompasses a wide range of establishments across London, from high-end, Michelin-starred restaurants to intimate wine bars and boutique shops, ensuring its carefully selected wines are accessible to a broad audience. 

  • “EWC is my first port of call when looking for new wines. The selection is great for classic expressive wines, plus they have excellent reliable service”

    Wieteke Teppema

    Drop Wine