Ealing Wine Cellars (EWC), helmed by Caroline Brangé, delivers an expert wine consultancy service across the UK. She caters to both the hospitality sector and private clients with a comprehensive approach to business development and cellar management. Caroline's services encompass strategic growth planning, wine list design, staff training and financial strategy formulation for restaurants and wholesalers, alongside offering collectors services such as appraisal, valuation, personal sommelier assistance, and event planning. 

Expert Wine Consultancy For Restaurants And Wholesale

Corporate commercial strategy development for importers

Commercial and growth strategies are meticulously crafted to align with business goals and market trends, ensuring a roadmap for success and expansion.

Business development for on and off trade

Initiatives focused on business-to-business development are launched to foster partnerships, drive sales and enhance business networks.

Curation of wine lists

Wine lists are carefully curated to meet customer preferences and trends, enhancing the dining experience and supporting revenue growth.

Implementation of wine reporting tools

Reporting tools such as wine stock sheets, gross profit analysis, inventory and valuation are implemented to streamline operations and improve financial oversight.

Comprehensive wine-focused staff training

Staff undergo comprehensive wine-focused training to enhance service delivery, enriching the customer experience through knowledgeable interactions.

Advice on wine purchasing strategies

Expert advice is provided on purchasing strategies, financial planning and cash flow management to optimise operations and ensure financial health.

Public relations and marketing liaison

A liaison for public relations and marketing is established to promote the business, engage with the community, and build a strong brand presence.

Consultancy Services For Private Wine Collectors

Monsieur Fontaine Gagnard Chassagne

Wine Collection Appraisal

A meticulous appraisal of your wine collection includes a comprehensive valuation, consolidation reports for wines stored across various merchants, and a detailed analysis tailored to your portfolio, whether curated for pleasure or investment purposes.

Wine Brokering service

Wine Brokerage Services

Our brokerage services are enhanced by our thorough consolidation and valuation efforts, pinpointing which wines are prime for enjoyment or advantageous for sale, thus maximising your collection's potential.

Dujac grand cru dinner selection

Private Sommelier Services

We offer an array of private sommelier services, including expert cellar setup and precise multi-location stocktaking, to meet the sophisticated needs of discerning private collectors.

Group Wine Events

Group Wine Events

Specialising in organising tailor-made wine events, we cater to private enthusiasts and corporate entities, ensuring a unique and memorable wine-tasting experience.

Advising Winemakers Entering The UK Market

Navigating the UK's wine import market can be complex. Caroline Brangé, fluent in
French, Spanish and English, adeptly overcomes language barriers and
comprehensively understands the UK market, from media connections to wine
merchant executives. Our collaborative approach helps define your objectives
and strategies for entering the market through EWC or alternative channels.

Wine Consultancy Testimonials

  • “Understanding and delivering is what Ealing Wines is all about. Their market-new portfolio is worth every penny. Caroline has helped introduced best-sellers to Enoteca da Luca restaurants whilst providing key trainings for our team. Also, problem-solving is quick and efficient. As a new addition to our range of suppliers, they have been incredible.“

    Mikael Hannequin
    Operations Director, Enoteca da Luca 

  • "Caroline, just wanted to write to say thank you for all your work for Drop over the last year. Not an easy job to step into considering the circumstances and it could not, we don't think, have gone any smoother. Thank you so much."

    Ian and Will

    The 10 cases group