Collection: Sylvain Bzikot - Burgundy

Sylvain and Beatrice Bzikot

Winery - Domaine Sylvain Bzikot

Region - Burgundy

Founded -  1940s

Size - 15 ha

Farming - Organic (certified)

Puligny's Quiet Underdog

Located in the village of Puligny, Sylvain and Beatrice Bzikot (pronounced BZee-cot) have stayed under the radar in the UK despite owning an impressive 15 hectares in the Cotes de Beaune, most of which is located in Puligny. Sylvain’s grandfather arrived in Burgundy from Poland just before the Second World War and steadily built up the estate in the post-war years when land was plentiful and cheap. For a long time, most of the crop was sold in bulk to the Burgundy negociants but since the 1990s Sylvain has gradually taken back bottling at the domaine. The estate’s delicious Bourgogne Chardonnay is made from vines within the
commune of Puligny, just outside the appellation border.

Bzikot Wine Collection