Collection: Carlo Revello e Figli - Piedmont

Revello Grapes

Winery -  Carlo Revello & Figli

Region - Piedmont

Founded - 1945 (2016)

Size -  7 ha

Farming –  Sustainable

A study in the Traditions of Classic

A Father and son team, Carlo and Erik are at the helm of this beautiful winery located in the heart of La Morra vineyards. Until 2016, the Revello name was known as Fratelli Revello where Brothers Enzo and Carlo worked together. In 2016, they decided it was time to pass the reigns to the new generation, splitting the original estate and creating Carlo Revello & Figli.

With Erik, they farm 7 hectares of vineyards growing Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo. They use indigenous yeast and follow ‘lutte raisonnee’ practices in the vineyards. Erik firmly believes a wine is made in the vineyards and not at the winery. The straight Barolo is a blend of fruits coming from La Morra and Serralunga; Boiolo vines are about 30 years old and located in the upper (cooler) parts of the hill while Giachini vines are 70 years old. They use limited oak (20% max, depending on the cuvee),
and the wines show depth and purity.

With five vintages under his belt, Erik’s 2019s feel like a real take-off. The vintage was an old-school classic one, if only a little on the cool side, bringing out the savoury and profound character of Nebbiolo.

Revello winemaker
Revello winery

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