Collection: Weingut Niedrist - Alto Adige

Niedrist hand and soil

Winery -  Ignaz Niedrist

Region - Alto Adige

Founded -  1830’s

Size - 11 ha

Farming – Organic (uncertified)

An Icon from Alto Adige

While resolutely Italian these days, Alto Adige used to form part of the
Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1919, hence the strong Germanic influence on the
architecture, the language and the grape varieties cultivated. The Niedrist
family have farmed their vineyards for over 200 years, but it was Ignaz and his
wife Elisabeth who brought the winery to new heights in the 1990s.

The estatecurrently counts 11 ha of vines with an annual production of 50,000 bottles and
their vineyards are located throughout the region, using the best plots for
each varietal. The warm flatlands of Bolzano are used for the reds, while the
whites are farmed through the gentle hills of Cornaiano and up into the high
elevations of Appiano Monte up to 600m altitude. From the stony, mineral Pinot
Bianco to a lush, musky Sauvignon. The reds represent a range of indigenous red
varieties, including the pale reddish pink of Schiava and the inky purple of
Lagrein. His Pinot Noir delivers the best expression of the Burgundian grape
varietal that the country has to offer. While not certified, the family
practices organic farming, and yields are kept very low, a third lower than the
appellation laws stipulate.

Niedrist family in vineyard
Niedrist Alto Adige
Niedrist winery barrel

Ignaz Niedrist Wine Collection