Collection: Stefano Occhetti - Piedmont

Sefano Occhetti

Winery - Stefano Occhetti

Region - Piedmont

Founded - 2019

Size - 3ha

Farming – Organic (uncertified)

The new kid on the block

Stefano turned to winemaking after a career as a civil engineer abroad. His roots are
deep in the Roero community, so much so that his family name is named after the
village! He initially took over the vineyards planted by his grandfather to
make his first vintage in 2019, where he and his wife Giulia set up their
winery in their garage. They produced 4,000 bottles. They now have 3 ha of
vines spread across several Roero villages, and a production of 12,000 bottles.
Roero is known for its sandy soils which produce a more approachable style of
Nebbiolo. He practises organic viticulture as he feels this is the best way to
convey the identity of the terroir. In the cellar he prefers spontaneous
fermentation in concrete tank while ageing takes place in old oak barrels. The
Langhe and Barbara are both aged for 7 months, while Sanche is aged for 20
months. His wines show the hallmark floral perfume and brooding earthy
undertones of the variety and are laced with a pure and vibrant energy.

Stefano Occhetti Vine in Roero Sanche cru

Stefano Occhetti Wine Collection