Collection: Terenzuola - Liguria | Tuscany

Terenzuola hill

Winery - Terenzoula

Region - Liguria/Tuscany

Founded - 1993

Size - 18 ha

Farming - Organic (certified)

Liguria’s Maverick Winemaker

The vineyards of Terenzuola straddle the border between Liguria and
Tuscany where they have been tended by the Giuliani family since the
1930s. It was in 1993 that the current shape of the estate took place
under the watchful eye of Ivan. His focus has been to live in harmony
with the land, to do so he has gradually converted all his vineyards to
organic viticulture with full certification from the 2020 vintage. This
is Vermentino country and his wines highlight the expressive nature of
the grape. He also bottles a rare Vermentino Nero, a near extinct
variety native to Tuscany.

Terenzuola Ivan Giuliani

Terenzoula Wine Collection